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Tuesday, September 17, 2013
By Jessica Lena Photography
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 In early August, Ward and I and I traveled to Courtenay, BC to photograph Rebecca and Alex’s wedding. The couple celebrated with close friends and family members.  They were married in the gardens at the gorgeous King Fisher Resort. We only had one hour to spend on formal photos, so we walked around the resort and managed to capture some beautiful images in the trees. We also walked along the shore during low tide. I must admit I was sad to be leaving the resort that same day. If I could do it over again I would have taken one day of holiday on the island to just sit and look at the ocean, eat some fresh fruit, and drink some local brew. It was just way to beautiful there. That being said, we did manage to visit my relatives in Vancouver  for 2 days, which was fantastic as well (but again, I would have loved another day there!).  We arrived back in Regina feeling great and looked forward to next weeks wedding. 

And here is a photo of Ward and me while we were visiting Stanley Park. <3