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Friday, February 14, 2014
By Jessica Lena Photography
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In honor of Valentine's Day I have decided to make a compilation of some of my favorite boudoir photo shoots from the past year. I hope these photographs make you feel curious, captivated, and maybe even inspired. Boudoir photography demands a lot of both the photographer and the model. These shoots are hard work and can seem intimidating at first, but in the end they are absolutely worth it. In the end, they are truly a lot of fun.  

 Aside from actually taking the photos, my favorite part of the shoot is the fashion. Before beginning a photo shoot, I look forward to going over clothing selections with my clients. It is always fun to see the outfit each woman puts together, how they style their hair, the jewelry they select, and of course the shoes. By the time we begin shooting most nerves are long gone, and the real fun begins.

 A lot of these shoots are planned as gifts for a spouse, but really it is a gift for the model too. I dare you to have a boudoir shoot and not feel excited and empowered afterwards. We could probably all use a little practice in true self love and self confidence.  I think boudoir shoots are a great way to celebrate being a woman and all the many complicated, wonderful, and beautiful beings that we are.

 I want to say a big thank you to all my brave beautiful boudoir clients for letting me take part in such an awesome experience. I hope you cherish your photos and have a very Happy Valentine's Day!