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Sunday, June 12, 2016
By Jessica Lena Photography
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What's better than spending May long helping your friends celebrate their marriage? Not a whole heck of a lot, especially when those friends are Matt and Linda. These two had such a wonderful day. This is a perfect example of how “keeping it simple” will ensure you have a stress-free and gorgeous wedding day.

In the early afternoon, siblings and parents watched the happy couple exchange vows among the blooming gardens of the Regina Floral Conservatory. Following the delightful ceremony, we visited the Broken Rack for a pint and a “friendly” game of Foosball. After Linda won (or was it Matt who won?) we ventured over to the Mackenzie Art Gallery where we spent the better part of the afternoon chatting, laughing, and taking some gorgeous formal photos. Our last stop before the reception was the White Butte Trails, where Linda and Matt had their first date over 5 years ago!

The intimate reception was held at the White City Hall where family and friends were entertained by a short program from MCs, Tyler and Steve- who had the guests battle in the “Hunger Games” to earn their place at the buffet line. After the supper, guests played board games, laughed, danced, and had a great time celebrating the love of two fantastic people. In addition to being awesome friends and clients, I must also award them 1000 points for their Totoro cake topper! If you are a Miyazaki fan too, I'm sure you will feel just as tickled by their nod to the amazing Director/Animator as I was.

Congratulations Linda and Matt. We wish you all the happiness in the world :)

Thursday, November 19, 2015
By Jessica Lena Photography
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Meranna and Kirk celebrated their union with an intimate ceremony in their home surrounded by their closest friends and family. Meranne did an amazing job of decorating her basement. She put so much work into lighting, draping, decor, and details; you would never guess their nuptials took place in their own home. To add more credit to her craftiness, I need to point out the amazing job Meranne did constructing the bouquets. They turned out absolutely fantastic. 

Since Meranne and Kirk were having an evening ceremony, they chose to do a “first look” before we started formal photos. I am a huge fan of first looks. They are always so emotional! Their wedding date ended up being very windy and rainy. Luckily we had booked out some time at the University of Regina for family and formal photos. It was overall a wonderfully relaxed day. After the humble ceremony that included their own vows, the couple and their guests shared a lot of laughs, food and drink, and played some card games. To me, the event felt like a cozy family get together, which Ward and I were honored to be a part of.

Congratulations Meranna and Kirk. We wish you many happy years!